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HEADS UP! Ryan the Wheelbarrow is proud to reintroduce you to the original artist map with a freshly rebranded website —

With the overwhelming amount of street art and graffiti being produced and the quickness in which it changes, these maps are vital for remembering the the amount talent who have painted in our streets over the years.

Ryan The wheelbarrow

Over the last 6 years Wheelbarrow has been cataloging and have collected the 1st Pocket Edition by ATOMIK (aka Wynwood Mural Tours 2015) or the Jose Mertz Pocket Edition (aka Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide 2018).

Now in 2020 the freshly rebranded MURAL MAPS will re-release some updated editions of our 3 styles of maps by recent collaborators and new designs by some of Miami’s most talented local artists.

The following is the list of Artists and their maps in production. Stay tuned for future releases.

  • ATOMIK (Pocket Edition) 2014-15
  • Jose Mertz (Pocket Edition) 2016-2018
  • AMOS (Pocket Edition) 2016- Present
  • Santiago Rubino (Treasure Edition) 2018 – Present
  • AHOL SNIFFS GLUE (Tyvek & Pocket Edition) 2019- Present
  • Santiago Rubino (Tyvek Edition) Coming 2020
  • AMOS (Treasure Map) Coming 2020

Stay tuned for updates on future releases, exclusive stockists and much much more…

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